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QMMP – A winamp style music player for Linux

QMMP The number of multimedia applications on Linux is constantly increasing over time and there is already an abundance. If you are looking for a winamp style mp3 player for your desktop, then try out this app called Qmmp. It provides a look n feel akin to Winamp of windows and is same way easy to use. Qmmp is built using ...

18 Things to do after installing Fedora 20, the Xfce spin

Fedora with Xfce Dis-preference for Gnome 3 and un-necessity of KDE is the reason why I mostly choose the Xfce desktop when working on or trying out newer or unknown distros. And when working at length, I often tune the desktop to my whims. Xfce is perfect when productivity is high on priority but not at the cost of functionality ...

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