Python program to fetch domain whois data using sockets


The whois information of a domain name provides various details like registrar, owner, registration date, expiry date etc. The whois information is provided by the corresponding whois servers of the registrars. The first step is to contact which provides the actual whois server of a domain name. Next the particular whois server is contacted which provides the full whois data of the domain.

Implementation is quite simple and python makes it even simpler.


Program to fetch whois information of a domain name
Silver Moon
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import socket, sys

#Perform a generic whois query to a server and get the reply
def perform_whois(server , query) :
	#socket connection
	s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET , socket.SOCK_STREAM)
	s.connect((server , 43))
	#send data
	s.send(query + '\r\n')
	#receive reply
	msg = ''
	while len(msg) < 10000:
		chunk = s.recv(100)
		if(chunk == ''):
		msg = msg + chunk
	return msg

#Function to perform the whois on a domain name
def get_whois_data(domain):
	#remove http and www
	domain = domain.replace('http://','')
	domain = domain.replace('www.','')
	#get the extension , .com , .org , .edu
	ext = domain[-3:]
	#If top level domain .com .org .net
	if(ext == 'com' or ext == 'org' or ext == 'net'):
		whois = ''
		msg = perform_whois(whois , domain)
		#Now scan the reply for the whois server
		lines = msg.splitlines()
		for line in lines:
			if ':' in line:
				words = line.split(':')
				if  'Whois' in words[0] and 'whois.' in words[1]:
					whois = words[1].strip()
	#Or Country level - contact to find the whois server of a particular TLD
		#Break again like , to uk
		ext = domain.split('.')[-1]
		#This will tell the whois server for the particular country
		whois = ''
		msg = perform_whois(whois , ext)
		#Now search the reply for a whois server
		lines = msg.splitlines()
		for line in lines:
			if ':' in line:
				words = line.split(':')
				if 'whois.' in words[1] and 'Whois Server (port 43)' in words[0]:
					whois = words[1].strip()
	#Now contact the final whois server
	msg = perform_whois(whois , domain)
	#Return the reply
	return msg
# end
# get the domain name from command line argument
domain_name = sys.argv[1]
print get_whois_data(domain_name)

Run the program by issuing the following command at the terminal.

$ python

The commandline argument should contain the domain name. The output would be the whois data.

Last Updated On : 20th October 2012

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